Urban transition. A new Eco-district Pilot in Porto di Mare area in Milan via IMM methodology. Milan (Italy).

The neighborhood aims to provides an upgrading solution of the urban edge south-east of the city of Milan as a threshold at the entry gate of large green spaces of the “Parco Sud Milano”. The overall proposal for an Ecodistric’s project include an action in which the composite regeneration housing, social and environmental involves and addresses the recovery, reconnection and the environmental of the entire setting, through measures that to regain the fruition of open space, to reclaim the landscape potentialities of the area and, at the same time, implementing measures to address the completion of the already existing fabric, including the residential units.

The project has been presented at Triennale Milano and published with a paper titled “Urban transition, a new Pilot Eco-district in Porto di Mare area (Milan) via IMM methodology” has been first published on “Urbanpromo 2017: a reliable future for city”. The following year has been included into 2018 Resilience Practices Forum at Fondazione Feltrinelli, considered as a best practice for urban large scale interventions. At the beginning of 2019, together with the partners, have been submitted for the 2030 PGT Milan Call for Ideas. After being selected, has been presented again at Triennale Milano in front of urban planning municipality assessor. In the following months, hosted by water purifiers’ festival organized by Nosedo purifier and Greem, the project has been shared with local citizens and other actor proposing complementary interventions on the area. This local meeting has been very profitable for getting in touch with Italia Nostra, in charge of taking care of the landscape below the urbanized area, currently occupied by illegal and unsafe activities related to drugs. In June 2019, as a consequence of applying to Transformative Cities initiative, Porto di Mare Eco-District has been introduced in the Atlas of Utopia 2019. Another paper titled “urban low carbon energy transition. The new Porto di Mare Eco-District in Milan based on IMM methodology” has been published on the number 160 of the journal Urbanistica. The hope is that raising interest and consensus around this initiative the probability of attracting municipality’s interest will increase.