About us

IMMdesignlab is an international multidisciplinary design laboratory that leads various international projects aiming to transform, through an innovative methodology, existing urban contexts seen as Complex Adaptive Systems into more sustainable, liveable, healthy and energy efficient forms. Our work is driven by ethical principles and rigorous theory and by the consideration that urban design can directly affect the quality of our lives as well as improve the quality of our environment, making our future more sustainable.

IMMdesignlab is part of DATACLOUD a multidisciplinary initiative in coordination between various Politecnico Departments and in cooperation with other academic, industrial institutions, with the aim of producing important benefits for the community of Polimi and external researchers, constituting a shared computing infrastructure, high performance, open to applications. https://www.deib.polimi.it/eng/news/details/850


IMMdesignlab is based at Department of Architecture Built Environment and Construction Engineering (DABC) Politecnico di Milano, via Ponzio, 31, 20133 Milano, Italy. Phone +390223995744 @-mail: immdesignlab@gmail.com

Massimo Tadi Director.

Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture Building Environment and Construction Engineering (ABC) at Politecnico di Milano. Massimo teaches SMDP (Sustainable Multidisciplinary Design Process) and Architectureand IMM at Master course in Building Enginnering and Architecture of Smart City at Master course in Sustainable Architecture and Landscape, at Politecnico di Milano. He has been key note speaker in many international conferences on the topic of urban sustainable development. He published many articles on the issue of the relationship between urban morphology and energy consumption. Massimo is member of the advisory board of Qutub One India based Company with interests in Sustainable Architecture, Master planning, Design & build; member of the Advisory Board of Siberian Urban lab (Russia) and also member of the Advisory board of STA an Italian design firm operating in the field of Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design. He has been consultant of the city of Timisoara for the Sustainable Urban Development of the city. He had run a Design Lab at the 2012 International Venice Biennale named “Common Ground” as expert. He is author of many articles and books, between them: Environmental Performance and Social Inclusion in Informal Settlements. A Favela Project Based on the IMM Integrated Modification Methodology. (Springer, 2020); Timisoara 2020 overall vision. A case study (Alinea, 2007); Infrastruttura, Architettura e Progetto. (2006). Contact: massimo.tadi@polimi.it

shahroozShahrooz Vahabzadeh Manesh Associate Director.

Shahrooz has gained BSc. and MSc. of Architecture at Qazvin Azad University, Iran, 2005. He also obtained his second MSc. in Building Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, where he received his Ph.D. in Urban Design and Planning in 2013. Currently, he is associate director of IMM Design Lab; also, he was teaching assistant at Politecnico di Milano for Urban design; Architectural and Sustainable Multidisciplianry Design Process courses. His main interest is devoted to urban morphological transformations and sustainable oriented designs in different scales and different contexts. Contact: shahrooz.vahabzadeh@gmail.com

hadiMohammad Hadi Zadeh, Associate Director and responsible for International Development.

Hadi holds a PhD in Systemic Modelling Methodology for Evaluating the Built Environment Performance at ABC department, Politecnico di Milano. He is Graduated in Civil Engineering at the Azad University (Iran) he gained a MSc. in Building Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Currently he is IMM responsible for International Development and teaching assistant of the course “Sustainable Multidisciplinary Design Process (SMDP)” at Politecnico di Milano, Master of Science in Building Engineering and Architecture, at Lecco Campus. He has been invited speaker in many international conferences on the topic of sustainable urban design. Hadi has a strong work experience as researcher and designer in sustainable urban development and energy efficiency. He participated in many projects, workshops, researches, architectural & master planning projects. He published many articles on the issue of the relationship between urban morphology and energy consumption. Contact:hadi.mhm.zadeh@gmail.com

15bf9b4.jpgCarlo Andrea Biraghi, Associate Director and responsible for Data Science.

Carlo holds a PhD in Multi-Scale Modelling for Urban Optimization at ABC department, Politecnico di Milano. He has gained BSc. and MSc. of Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, an MSc. at Politecnico di Torino in 2014. He is also an Alta Scuola Politecnica VIII cycle alumnus. He is an architect and since 2014 works as teaching assistant in courses of Architectural and Urban Design, Urban Morphology and Building Typology, and will start an elective course of Applied Mathematics for Architecture. At Politecnico di Milano, Italy, he received his Ph.D. in Architectural Engineering in 2019. He’s interested in expressing urban quality trough quantitative measures and computational design. He is passionate about the theme of sacred and studied architecture and practices in different religious traditions. He recently published a book on architectural shape, spaces and meanings of EXPO Milano 2015. Contact: carloandrea.biraghi@polimi.it

Ozge Ogut, Research Fellow. 

Ozge is conducting her PhD at the ABC Department, Politecnico di Milano, collaborating with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She has received her MSc. from Politecnico di Milano from Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design with the thesis titled ‘Urban Morphology & Environmental Performance: A Masterplan of Farini’s Disused Railways in Milan via IMM Methodology’ (2020). She studied Urban and Regional Planning (2011-2013) at Yıldız Technical University (Istanbul), then transferred through a transition program and has gained her BSc. in Architecture (2017). She has a professional work experience, and she is an active member of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects. Her main research interest is sustainability in urban planning, landscape, and architecture within an integrated way, with the focus on the role of urban infrastructures to solve environmental problems and improve well-being. She speaks English, Italian, and basic knowledge of German. Contact: ozge.ogut@polimi.it

Solomon Tamiru Tesfaye,         Research Fellow. 

Solomon obtained his MSc in Building and Architectural Engineering with honours at Politecnico di Milano. In addition, he has studied Architectural Technology through the Erasmus+ mobility programme at Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built environment, in Scotland. He has also received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Urban planning at Arba Minch University, Ethiopia. Concerning professional experience, solomon has worked as an assistant Lecturer in Ethiopia, and also practised as a graduate Architect in London. His research interest focuses on the application of sustainability concepts in cities and buildings. His graduate school thesis titled, ‘’Smart without Slum, in Quelimane, Mozambique’’ seeks to develop a sustainable, adaptable, and scalable model for medium-sized cities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, he is working as graduate students’ coordinator in research projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Solomon is also a self-taught artist who won a public art exhibition in 2018 organized by FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) at Politecnico di Milano (Lecco).

Tao Dong, Research Fellow.

Tao is conducting his PhD at the Politecnico di Milano, ABC Department, with the collaboration of the China Scholarship Council. He is also a teaching assistant at Politecnico di Milano for SMDP (Sustainable multidisciplinary design process) since 2021. His research focuses on using Nature-based Solutions to improve urban performance, in terms of sustainability, environmental protection and energy conservation. He has received his MSc. from Politecnico di Milano for Architectural Engineering. He was an architect in China with rich experience in urban planning and public building design (2012-2017). Tao speaks English, Chinese, and has a basic knowledge of Japanese. Contact: tao.dong@polimi.it

Franck Nolesini, consultant.

Adjunct Professor at School of Building Engineering  and Architecture. Politecnico di Milano. Franck teaches SMDP Studio (Sustainable Multidisciplinary Design Process Studio) at Politecnico di Milano, at Master course in Building Enginnering and Architecture. Graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, for many years he has been focusing its research on multimodal hubs as key player in city transforming. Promoting multidisciplinary design approachhe has a strong work experience as researcher and designer in sustainable urban development. He participated in many international projects, workshops, researches, architectural & master planning projects. He is also co-founder of Arcoquattro Architettura an Italian design office operating in urban regeneration and in areas with monumental and landscape constraints. He published articles on various urban planning themes and on the issue of mobility-related spaces. Contact: franck.nolesini@polimi.it

s200_luka-stefanovicLuka Stefanović, regional deputy for the Balkans Region.

Luka is Architect and Building Engineer. Luka graduated in Architecture from the University of Belgrade and in Construction Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. He has worked on projects in sustainable architecture and energy efficiency. He has work experience as consulting and design architect in offices in Belgrade and Milano, and took part in several workshops on landscape design and urban sustainability. he was teaching assistant at Politecnico di Milano for Urban design; Architectural  courses. He speaks Italian, English, German, Hungarian and Spanish. Luka is also IMM’s Facebook page Editor from Balkans Region.

Giovanni Gori, consultant.

Giovanni has gained BSc. of Building Engineering and MSc. of Architectural Engineering with honours at Politecnico di Milano. He has work experience as professional engineer in offices in Milano, Florence, and London, where he is currently working as a Senior Building Engineer. His main interest is related to energy efficiency and sustainability applied to architecture and urban development trough computational and parametric design. His master thesis consisted in an application of IMM process to a selected area in the city of Rio de Janeiro, named Porto Maravilha; research study carried out in collaboration with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Giovanni also took part in an IMM workshop in Belgrade titled: “Sustainable development of a new pilot neighborhood in Belgrade via IMM”. He also published an article with IMM on the issue of the relationship between urban morphology and energy consumption and environmental performances. Giovanni speaks English, Spanish, and a basic knowledge of French and Catalan.

Marcello Pari, consultant.

Marcello is a Master degree Building Engineer – Architect with experience in urban design and architectural and sustainable design. He is graduated in 2009 with the final project Architecture, Networks and Lanscape Design, a study for the new infrastructure hub in Girona | Spain based on AREP’s concept in collaboration with the UAB of Barcelona. He has work expericence in energy topics, structural projects and works direction on construciotn sites.  He has participated in numerous international design competitions, getting mentions and awards. Marcello is assistant professor in the Laboratory of Sustainable and Multidisciplinary Design Process at Politecnico di Milano, School of Engineering and Architecture. With the Politecnico di Milano he has participated in several international workshops and projects for private and public commitee, gaining strong experience techniques, strategies for transformation of complex urban context towards energy efficiency and environmentally oriented urban development. Thanks to the academic and professional experiences Marcello has developed a holistic approach to design, oriented to provide a product that is always the result of better and more sustainable integration of all aspects of the design.