Feeding the city. Can Cities Feed Their Inhabitants?

“Cities for centuries have played an integral part in producing food for their residents. Only recently did cars and trains replace horses — and garden-friendly horse poop — a switch that made possible the long-distance supply chain of big-farms-to-big-supermarkets that’s the foundation of the modern urban food system”. – T. Philpott  

Bicycle culture and urban design. How the bicycle can shape the city?

“40 years ago Copenhagen was just as car-clogged as anywhere else but now 41% of the population arriving at work or education do so on bicycles, from all over the Metro area. 56% of Copenhageners themselves use bicycles each day. They all use over 1000 km of bicycle lanes in Greater Copenhagen for their journeys….

Nature in the city or the city in nature?

“It is in practice, hard to see where “society” begins and “nature” ends… In a fundamental sense, there is in the final analysis nothing unnatural about New York City”.   -Harvey